Friday, 11 January 2013

How to do secure Online Transaction ?

When I think to do Online Transaction the first thing comes into my mind is the SECURITY of the online transaction. I used to do some checks before I go for any online transaction. 

The security checks are:-

1. Always use secure HTTP connection (HTTPS ://) 

Whenever you do an online transaction please make sure that you are using a secure http connection. Always use https:// instead of http because https:// is a secured encrypted connection.
All the communication between the browser and the web server happen in encrypted form.

2. Always check the SSL certificate of the site when you are making any online transaction.

How do you check this SSL certificate?

Let’s take an example of PayPal site. I am using the Google chrome browser. Type

Green color indicates that communication between your browser and website is encrypted and that the certification authority has confirmed the website is owned or operated by a business that is legally organized.

                If the certificate is invalid, the URL bar stays white. The word “https" is shown red and stroke trough.

3. Virtual keyboards 

Always use virtual keyboards when you are doing an online transaction. Why I am suggesting is suppose you are doing a transaction from some cyber cafe or some public computer where it may the case the key logger program is running. Key logger keeps the log of the keys you press from a physical keyboard. By this they can keep track of your typed password.

        In case of virtual keyboards Key logger can't figure it out what key you are typing because you are not using the physical keys.

4. Virtual Credit Cards

        Virtual credit cards are good when you want to do shopping with your debit/credit card. 
        No need to disclose your actual credit/debit card number when you buy something. 
       You can specify the money limit how much you want to put in your Virtual Credit Card and you can also specify the expiry date of you virtual card. How cool it is.

        This feature is provided by the net banking sites.
 Always use Virtual Credit Card provided by your banking sites, DO NOT use any other Virtual Credit Card software.

5. Use only trusted site for online payment or shopping.

6. Keep track of your all transaction. 

7. At last what about phishing?

        Phishing scams are usually presented in the form of spam or pop-ups and are often difficult to detect. 
        They obtain your personal information; can use it for all types of identity theft.

 How you can protect yourself against phishing ?
    • First and important is always use https:// and check the SSL security certificate. 
    • Never use links in an email to connect to a Web site. If you do that they can take you to the phishing site which look like the real site but if you notice there is a minor difference in the web address name. So open a new browser window and type the URL directly into the address bar.
    • Beware of emails asking for confidential information especially of a financial nature.
    • Never submit confidential information via forms embedded within email messages.